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Corporate Social Responsibility

As the JB Homes brand, we not only produce mobile homes, but also are a socially responsible company.

From the beginning of our company, we have wanted to build reliable relationships with employees, consumers, business partners and, consequently,
the local community we are a part of.
 We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the activities of JB Homes in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. 


Closer to nature

Forest in Us

Ecological aspects are close to us because our static caravans are produced in harmony with nature and as close as possible to it. Two travellers contacted us with a request to become the main sponsor of their natural project "Forest in Us" and gave them one of the homes we produce. We are pleased to say that we have started the production of a 35m2 mobile home in Podlasie.

For seven months, the home was a part of everyday life of Piotr and Magda in the heart of the Knyszynski Forest. The travellers discovered all functionalities of the mobile home and the opportunities provided by it in forest conditions. As it turned out, the home exceeded all expectations, thanks to which the content inspired to the widely understood return to nature was created.



Žydrūnas Savickas

On September 1, 2018, an event for employees of Letniskowo.pl took place. We were honoured by the presence of Žydrūnas Savickas, the Strongest Man in History.

On the premises of the company, a record of dragging a year-round mobile home for a distance of 15 meters was being broken.
For "Big Z", dragging a ten-ton home turned out to be trouble-free and thus he established a new World Record.


Charity Charity

Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

Having completed the "Forest in Us" project, the mobile home became the subject of the auction of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC).
We are happy that we contributed to the support of the 27th GOCC Finale.
Every year, the collected money is spent on objectives related to the protection of children's health, including the purchase of equipment to save their lives.

CSR areas
Closer to nature
We produce our mobile homes in harmony with and as close as possible to nature - it is very important to us to support for initiatives related to the natural environment. We want to promote practices and behaviors that inspire people to be surrounded by nature in everyday life.
Physical activity is extremely important in the life of everyone from an early age. We support those with talent for sport challenges. We instill a passion for sport among our employees by spending time actively together.
We are sensitive to the needs of the most needy and we willingly participate in charitable projects to give as much as possible to the environment where we operate.