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JB Golden Sky


Area: 13.3 m x 4.3 m (57 m2)
Number of rooms: living room with kitchenette, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, hall
Number of sleeping places: 5/6

Windows in a 3-pane package
Year-round insulation in the form of open-cell PUR foam 18 cm in walls, floor and roof
Underfloor heating in combination with wifi function controllers

4-burner induction hob
Absorber with exterior discharge
Oven with microwave function
Washing machine
Air conditioning
Electric heater for towels in the bathroom
USB socket

Beds with exchangeable spring mattresses and bed linen containers
Cabinet with sliding fronts
Kitchen island
Table top made of HPL laminate
Flush-mounted WC rack
Square shower cubicle 80x80 cm from one form
Spot controlled, adjustable LED lighting in all rooms
Atmospheric linear LED lighting


Wooden elevation with steel outside shutters
Opening window in the gable wall
Directional wall lamps
Waterproof linear LED lighting



Modern design of the mobile home was created by combining wood with industrial elements.
Wooden facade gives a warm character and aluminium Prefa in addition to its protective function create  a prestigious overall look.





Large, opening glazing in the gable invites you to the terrace. It was made of Siberian larch resistant to the harshest climatic conditions.
Here we can contemplate nature with our morning coffee.
But let's go further and higher because just around the corner the stairs will lead us to the terrace on the roof, where there is space for your own architectural concept.

Terrace on the roof

Terrace on the roof is a zone for your own project of relaxation zone, cafe under a cloud or other inspiration.

The roof of the house on which the terrace is located has been protected by polyurea coating, which is resistant to moisture, high and low temperatures, mechanical damage, the effect of acid-base substances, and the effect of sunlight or small plants.

Triple pane windows

Large glazing at the top of the house provides a source of natural light and optically enlarges the surface of the mobile home.

Throughout the house are inserted triple-glazed windows that allow to maintain excellent thermal insulation parameters with significant savings on heating.

However, steel window blinds in addition to the aesthetic function, also have a protective function.




Lineral LED lighting

The craftsmanship and character of the interior and exterior is given by LED linear lighting with the possibility of brightness control.

Atmospheric lighting will increase the comfort of your relaxation and affect the friendly atmosphere in the mobile home.


 HPL top table 

The kitchen uses a compact HPL table top with increased durability and scratch resistance. High resistance to moisture will allow you to keep the table top clean at the place where the meals are prepared.

The extraordinary resistance of Kerradeco wall system used
in kitchen island.




FIBO Wall System

The extraordinary resistance of FIBO wall panels makes them perfect to use in the most demanding places, such as kitchen and bathroom.

They are suitable for those who expect elegance around and the practicality of the materials used.


Floor heating
with Vinyl Panels

The use of underfloor heating increases the freedom of interior design without visible radiators.

Heating steering with Wi-Fi allows you to control and regulate the temperature wherever you are.

The even heat distribution ensures the desired thermal comfort with clear money saving at the same time.

Mobile home with roof terrace.
The modernist craftsmanship of a mobile home, an expression of modernity and new needs is the JB Golden Sky model.

Open yourself up to new horizons.

More external space thanks to terraces, one as an extension of the mobile home and one on the roof .

PUR foam insulation covering the steel structure in combination with underfloor heating will ensure constant, optimal temperature inside your mobile home, even when you are away

Full equipment and ergonomic arrangement of devices will allow you to move into the home immediately without having to resign your existing habits.

Large glazings are a source of natural light and optically enlarge the surface of the home.