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JB Silver Moon


  • Area: 13.3 m x 4.3 m (57 m2)
  • Number of rooms: living room with kitchenette, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, hall
  • Number of sleeping places: 5/6
  • Windows in a 3-pane package
  • Year-round insulation in the form of open-cell PUR foam 18 cm in walls, floor and roof
  • Underfloor heating in combination with wifi function controllers
  • 4-burner induction hob
  • Absorber with exterior discharge
  • Oven with microwave function
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Air conditioning
  • Electric heater for towels in the bathroom
  • USB socket
  • Beds with exchangeable spring mattresses and bed linen containers
  • Cabinet with sliding fronts
  • Kitchen island
  • Table top made of HPL laminate
  • Flush-mounted WC rack
  • Square shower cubicle 80x80 cm from one form
  • Spot controlled, adjustable LED lighting in all rooms
  • Atmospheric linear LED lighting
  • Aluminium facade system
  • Window in the gable wall
  • Directional wall lamps
  • Waterproof linear LED lighting

Extra paid options:
Wooden elements on elevation
Opening window in gable window (fix window 160x200 in front wall)


Additionaly paid
Wooden elements on the facade - for Silver Moon model only
Gable-opening sliding door option: in this option 16Ox200 fix window on the front wall
Wooden ceilings in the bedroom
Window inner veneer
Lamel panel decor in the living room
Panel Fibo decor in the master bedroom
Preparation for fireplace
sunblinds, pleads, mosquito nets
hockers chairs
Other - individual calculation

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Elevation and roof – facade slate

The aluminum slate facade is weatherproof and maintenance-free. We combined the roof cover with the façade giving the mobile home a modern look. This allowed us to eliminate the guttering because the water from the roof drips down the façade.

The facade slate requires no maintenance. It is easy to clean and does not need to be painted.

Floor heating

The use of underfloor heating increases the freedom of interior design without visible radiators.

Heating steering with Wi-Fi allows you to control and regulate the temperature wherever you are.

The even heat distribution ensures the desired thermal comfort with clear money saving at the same time.

Triple pane windows

The large glazing in the top of the mobile home is a source of natural light and visually enlarges the surface of the static caravan.

The whole mobile home has triple pane windows fixed so excellent thermal insulation parameters are maintained with significant savings on heating.

Elevated ceiling in the whole mobile home

Elevated ceiling significantly enlarges the space of the park home and thus provides even greater freedom of leisure.
Combining it with a linear, decorative LED lighting gives the space a more modern look.

Elevated ceiling in all rooms ensures better air circulation.

Vinyl panels

Vinyl panels were used in the whole mobile home.
They provide an attractive appearance of rooms and increased resistance to abrasion.

Unlike ordinary panels, the vinyl ones minimize noise and are more resistant to mechanical damage.

Fibo Wall System

The Fibo panel adds a touch of glamour and elegance to our mobile homes.

This durable panel is not only style and modernity, it is above all durability and strength in the most demanding places, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

It also looks tasteful in the living room or bedroom.

USB ports

The practical solution of using USB ports as a universal base for charging all multimedia devices, without a number of unsightly wires.

Linear LED lighting

In each room we used linear LED lighting with the possibility to control brightness.
The adjustable illumination will provide moodiness and increase the comfort of your rest as well as will affect the friendly atmosphere in the mobile home.

The even lighting of the table top with LED strip will make preparing meals and kitchen work easier and safer.

HPL table top

The kitchen uses a compact HPL table top with increased durability and scratch resistance. High resistance to moisture will allow you to keep the table top clean at the place where the meals are prepared.

The aesthetic appearance of the table top ideally fits the modern character of the kitchen.


Mobile home

Model JB Silver Moon - Luxurious and fashion breakthrough for mobile homes.

PUR foam insulation covering the steel structure in combination with underfloor heating will ensure constant, optimal temperature inside your mobile home, even when you are away.

The mobile home offers enough space for 4 to 6 people.

Full equipment and ergonomic arrangement of devices will allow you to move into the home immediately without having to resign your existing habits. 

Large glazings are a source of natural light and optically enlarge the surface of the home.